BoxOffice Verona was born in 1992 by the union of three associates who after a six year experience in live show organizing decided to join their own expertise to found a society of integarated ticketing solutions.

Today BoxOffice Verona is the main agency in its field in Veneto and one of the most well-established actualities in the communication and events organization industry. 

Box Office Verona provides ticketing services for concerts, shows, exhibitions and sporting events all over Italy and it is Authorized by Fondazione Arena to the pre-sales for the Opera Season at the Arena of Verona.


In the summer of 2006 Box Office Verona founded a new structure operative in the culture and entertainment industry: Box Office Live, an agency that offers communication strategies, media relations and show business services.


Box Office Live's activity parts into two intervention branches:

- counselling, management, art direction and production of musical shows and cultural events;

- counselling and management of communication plans, public relations activities, press and media relations.  


Box Office Live's interventions evolve on local and national circuits, following the specif requirements of the actualized projects. Box Office Live organized Festivals, shows and concerts of Italian and International artists and cooperated to the production and realization of some prestigious musical Tv Programms.




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  • Teatro Stabile Verona
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